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The 'Clean Up'

May 03, 2015

Onyx Security was tasked with a 'clean up' maintenance job after another major security company had completed a supposedly 'clean' installation. At first sight it looked grim, but removing a back panel revealed the true nature of the job with meters upon meters of tangled wires and tape joints. Imagine trying to straighten out a chefs bowl of spaghetti pasta.

Services Rendered

We had an attempted break in on Sunday night. We called Onyx Security on the Monday morning and we had a survey/quote done the same day. We had a brand new alarm system fitted on Wednesday morning. What more can we say!

Mr & Mrs Smith, Rushden

Thanks again for your hard work fixing our ever ending problems!

Mr Yale, Rushden

Our alarm bell kept ringing for no reason, Onyx came out within the hour and did a service on the system. Fast and efficient very pleased.

Mr Croft, Northampton